Mar 27, 2012

Vegetable Pizza

Weekend means having lots of fun with my little angel & lots of talking with hubby. And of course preparing some of the favorite food for the family. So this weekend thought of making the family favorite Pizza. Whenever I visit India my brother (Chetak) & sis in law (Priya) insists that I make Pizza for them so this post is dedicated to both of them. And how can I forget the latest addition in our family my darling niece Sanavi. Love you.
 I mostly prefer using ready made base as it goes handy for working women & I am no different. But i have also tried making the dough at home & it was a super hit. I had followed Madhurasrecepi to make yeast free pizza base.

Pizza base - 2 ( large )
Capsicum cubed - 2 medium size
Cabbage shredded  - 1/2 cup
mushroom sliced -   1/2 cup
onions cubed - 2 medium sized
tomatoes roughly chopped - 1 large
corn - 1/2 cup 
salt - As per taste
Black pepper powder - As per taste
Pizza masala - 1 tsp (Easily available in any grocery shop
Pizza sauce - Depends on the size of the base)
cheese - Mozzarella cheese 250 gm
chopped garlic - 1 tbs

Non Veg Eaters
Can use boiled and shredded chicken or sliced sausages as toppings.

 Heat oil in kadhai ( cooking vessel ), add chopped garlic, onion let the onion fry for a minute keep the flame high after 2 min add tomato, mushrooms, corn, fry for sometime then add Capsicum and Cabbage at last. Remember the veggies should be fried on a high flame as they should be crunchy and NOT soggy.At this point add salt, pizza masala & pepper powder.After 3 to 4 min switch off the gas.

Apply the pizza sauce on the base add a bit of cheese (this step of adding cheese now is optional but it gives a nice texture). Add all the viggies sprinkle pizza masala grate generous amount of cheese and put in the oven or make it on a tava with a closed lid.
Enjoy with tomato ketchup.
Gas Oven:
Preheat oven on gas mark 4 for 15 min.
Bake the pizza on gas mark 5 for 10 min.

Tawa (Chapati or Dosa Pan):
Heat the pan & apply a little butter & gently place the pizza on the pan. Cover the pizza for the cheese to melt for 5 to 8 min. Please check the pizza to avoid the base from burning. ( cook on medium heat )

Apply little oil on the edges of the pizza base before putting in oven. If u have olive oil it wld be gr8 but if not then our normal cooking oil will also do.
I hope you all will like the recipe.