Apr 10, 2012

Cheese & Vegetable Omlete

According to me EGGS are the best to work on, kids love them so do adults. In most homes the day is begun with an egg of course the way of making differs with every house. I remember when we were kids mummy used to make omelet for us ( me & my younger brother).It was a routine every Sunday breakfast is Bread & Egg watching HE MAN & Mowgli oh getting nostalgic!!!The omelet mummy made was simple but used to taste heaven of course it has the magic touch of mummy...Now also whenever I visit India I insist her to make the same for me.. OK back to my Cheese & Veggie omelet.Peeped in my fridge found some carrots & capsicum so thought of making a healthy breakfast. My daughter loves cheese so I always stuff it.Combined the veggies & cheese and the end results were quiet good. Here goes the recipe.

Eggs - 2
Carrot & Capsicum finely chopped - 1/4cup
green chilies  finely chopped - 2 nos.
onion finely chopped - 1 medium size
fresh chopped coriander - 1 to 2 tbs
milk - 2 tbs
cheese - mozzarella or cheddar- 1/4cup
oil or butter - to pan fry the egg
salt to taste

Take a bowl mix all the above ingredients except for cheese. beat with a egg beater or a normal spoon. The more we beat the egg the omelet will be more soft. Heat oil in a pan on medium flame, pour the egg mixture add the grated cheese and close lid for 1 min, open the lid and flip the egg carefully. Press a bit from top & immediately remove it off from the pan. This is to avoid the cheese from over cooking.Enjoy with Toast & ketchup.

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  1. This look svery yummy..gonna try this today :)
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  3. I love omlettes and this looks yummy!! Nice one..
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  4. Thanks Divya!! Surely will visit ur blog.