May 22, 2012

Pani Puri (Gol gappa/Puchka) and some Awards.

Pani Puri the famous Indian chat is quiet popular among Indians as well as foreigners. The crispy puri filled with potatoes, sprouts and chilled spicy water Wow!! The way of making the spicy water varies with every state and so does the name. The Bengalis have given it a cute name "Puchka" NorthIndians call it "Gol Gappa" and the others as "Pani puri" whatever the name is but it tastes just amazing. In Bombay there are some very famous  eating joints only for Pani puri. Now a days people are become very health conscious and prefer making at home and enjoying it with family. लेकिन ठेले के पानी पूरी का कोई मुकाबला नहीं! So here goes the recipe.

As I have said before there are different ways of making the spicy water. I have followed Tarla Dalals recipe and loved it after all she is the master chef.

Puri - I bought ready made 
boiled potatoes - 1/2 cup
boiled sprouts - 1/2 cup

Spicy water:
Mint leaves (pudina) - 1 1/2 cups
fresh coriander - 1 tbs
tamrind - 1/3 cup
ginger - 2"
green chilies - 4 to 5 
cumin seeds - 1 tsp (roasted)
black salt - 1 1/2 tsp
salt - to taste

Method of making Pani (spicy water)
Soak the tamrind in 1/2 cup water for 1 hour. Strain the pulp. Now combine this pulp with the remaining ingredients except the black salt in a blender and grind into a fine paste  by using little water. Transfer the paste into a bowl and add 1 litre of water to it along with black salt and plain salt.
Chill this water for 1 or 2hrs.

Sweet and sour chutney (khatti meethi chutney):
Dates (khajur) - 2 cups - deseeded
tamrind - 1/4 cup - deseeded
jaggery - 1 cup
red chilli powder - 1 tsp
asafoetida - a pinch
salt - to taste

Place the dates and tamrind in a saucepan. Add jaggery, asafoetida, chilli powder, salt and 4 cups of water ans simmer for 15 to 20minutes. Cool and strain the mixture. We can store this chutney in the refrigerator.

Take the puri crack and make a hole fill in some potatoes and sprouts add the khajur chutney immerse in the chilled spicy water and have it immediately!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. You can also make a spicy green chutney along with the khajur chutney this is just to add more taste to the dish.

Puris can be made at home but it takes some time and it becomes difficult as I am working.
We can also add khara boondi to the spicy water.

Sharing some Awards.

Avika of has shared some Awards with me. Thank you so much Avika for the Awards you made my day. Thank you for recognizing my work.

Know me a bit more.
1. What is the best meal I ever had : It was not in any posh restaurant but a Koli village in Arnala (Mumbai) my uncle had taken us to his friends house and we had a sumptuous sea food meal which is still fresh in my memories.

2. Who has been the source of influence on my love for food and learning to cook: I think it runs in my genes as most of my family members are good cooks including all the males. I never cooked as a child but my mother is an excellent cook and I have learned from her simply by watching and tasting her cooking.

3. The best dish made by me till date :The best of best are Chicken Sizzlers in non - veg and Palak Paneer in Veg.

4. What am I having today afternoon for lunch -  A cup of curd as I fast on Tuesdays.

5. Favorite destination : Goa, I always tell my hubby when we retire I would like to settle in Goa. I just love everything about this place. 

Would like to spread the joy to some of my Blogger friends:

Congratulations!! to you all and please pass these awards and answer any 5 random facts. Happy Cooking & Blogging!!


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