May 13, 2012


Thank you so much Divya of youtoocancookindianfood for tagging me. Its always a pleasure to receive such encouragement from our blogger friends. Thank you once again.

Few rules

  • Post the rules
  • Answer and create new set of questions
  • Tag other bloggers and link them to your post
  • Let them know that you have tagged them
As Divya has her set of questions ready I will go with them. Picked some of my fav Q..

Q : Inspiration to start a blog
Ans: I wanted to be a chef but due to some reasons couldn't pursue hotel mgmt it pinches me really hard. But blogging gave me a way to showcase my kitchen in front of so many good cooks who live their dream daily from their wonderful houses and of course to learn more and more from you all.

Q : Favorite Food
Ans: Chicken Sizzlers and all sort of junk food ( I know its unhealthy but I can't resist )

Q : Whats your idea of perfect living
Ans: Live and let live is my mantra. I love to enjoy every bit of life. I don't know what is in store for me in the next moment, I love to enjoy life.

Q : How happy will you be to receive comments for your recipe
Ans: I become very curious to read the comments I really feel very nice and get a boost after reading them.It acts like an energy drink for me. I also make it a point to reply to all the comments posted by friends and also work on the suggestions.

Q : Have you tried other blogger recipes
Ans: Yes of course I have tried several and I love to try new things. I have a bunch of recipes which have to be posted. 

Next step is tagging my other blogger friends:

Thank you all!!!!!Happy cooking and Blogging!!!


  1. Congrats Supriya You can also claim those awards...

    Very neatly written and nice to know more about you.. Altho' you haven't studied hotel management your recipes show that you are a master chef!!

  2. Hi...thanks for tagging me...And its nice knowing more abt u! :)